Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week 7-Final blog!

Week 7 Minecraft Blog- Final Week!

In this last week I'm going to tell you about why other classes and schools should do the same program as                                          we did, but before I do that I  have to explain what we did.

Well obviously I'm going to tell you about my blog now. (Look below for the padlet.)

After we finished the padlet we got on to minecraft and did our finishing touches and getting ready for survival mode. I put out heaps of enders chests and filled them with all food things and all the presious gems.
When we were on survival it had turned night and everyone rushed to the hotel and just charged into a room just to go to sleep, so some people went to prison for that because they went into paid for bedrooms and the rooms were not free. That was very stressful.

In the morning it was finally calm and everyone just did what ever they wanted and tried to find food, but after a while people started dieing and going to the hospital.  

When we had nearly finished on minecraft we all gathered togther at night at the x-mas tree and turned the lights on and we were supposed to have fireworks but "someone" forgot to set them up so we didn't have any but it was still really cool.

Next we got on to the reflection padlet for the last time but except it was the same as the goal padlet. (Look up for the padlet.)

Now for my reccomendations:

  • It is really good for relating to others
  • Good because you can learn how to communicate.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 6

Week 6 Minecraft blog.

In week 6 we started off talking about what the main factor was for the day...
and that was putting little details in to make a "WOW!" factor. We also looked at a web site for ideas.

Know can you guess what happened next?...
Yep, it's the goal blog. (Look below.)

Be creative by adding the finishing touches to your 

When I was on minecraft started working on the pool area and I asked Jake M to build me a fire place next to the deck chairs. (He did a very good job.) When I was working on the juice bar I thought detail, detail, detail, and I added fruit and milk. Before I did that I let Jake finish the fire place.

So when Jake finished all of the fire I went over to the beach and fishings roller coaster and I asked to go on it and of corse they would let a babe like me have a go on it. After the ride I complemented Bobbie and her team on creating a really cool and fun roller coaster that I couldn't get out of.

When I had finished on the roller coaster I went back to the outdoor area and finally added the fruit and milk.

When I had done that I it was time to stop and go on to padlet. (Look below for padlet.)

When we finished the padlet it was time to go, but before we did their was some people who wanted to share, Bobbie shared her roller coaster, Carter shared his water slide and Lottie shared her horse barn and they were all amazing.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 5

Week 5 Minecraft Blog.

In week 5 we started doing a few debates about a few things like, should we have armour for horses and if so then who has and what armour do they have?, who has potions and stuff like that. After that (when we were at the south library.) we did our padlets like we usually do and my goal was to have a "can do" attitude to get everything done that I needed to do.

My goal will be to have a can do attitude to finish my build.

After that we got on to minecraft. (obvisely.) We started building the rooms, penthouses and beach area, and the police asked if we could build them a private room for five dimonds and gold nuggets! (We were very happy about that deal so I thought they could get a voucher for the cafe', bar and resturaunt.

At the end of the session we did a reflection padlet. (like we always do.) (look below for padlet.)

Thank you for reading my blog.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 4

                                         Week 4 Blog.

In week 4 didn't start off doing a little talk about something bad that had happened to our world, some high school  kids from Riccarton had got in to our server and did alote of greifing. They poured water all over our builds, smashed down some buildings and made some random towers and blocks but Danny cleared most of the things, so that was the bummer part of the day. So after that part of the Minecraft session we didn't do padlet we just chose a goal and then got straight on to it.

(By the way my goal was to negotiate.)

When we were on Minecraft, Myles acidentiely thought the juice bar was a random tower and then demolished it, but it's alright because he's going to build it all by himself next week. Other then that we got three stories done and two elevators done after we had to destroy one of them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 3

Week 3 Blog.

In week 3 we set goals at the south library on what we were going to do that had to connect to relating to others, my goal was to respect other peoples ideas and points of views and take them on board. (Look below for goals.)

When we were on minecraft the hotels (that I was working on.) elevator broke, and that was very stressful, so we sended a chat out saying "Can someone help fix the elevator." and over came Levi and he then broke it, then fixed it, then someone destroy it, then fixed it and then it all was fine. (I was happy when that was was over.)

After that was over we started  building the loby and the entrance and ended up completing all          of the first level, (the ground level.) except some of the furniture we still need to make.

This is my group planning what we were going to do.
This is our world.

At the end of the week three session we did a reflection padlet (we do a reflection padlet every week.) to see if we completed our goals. (Here is my reflection padlet.)

1. Yes
2. Me and Myles wanted to do different blocks for the floor.
3. Myles taught me how to keep the water in place.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 2

My group: Hayley, Anton, Brigham and Myles. (Hotel.)

In week 2 we made a padlet boards and put down our reflection, what we did and what we were going to build first. (look at the bottom.)

We tested out Sam and Levis design for demolishing the forest, and Sams idea won but Levis idea was more creative in my opinion.

Our groups goal was to make a working elevator and the first base of the hotel, and yes we did complete it.

Our main goal is to. . . make the hotel at least 15 stories high.

We all decided on where we  were going to build and then started to  build


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week 1

My minecraft hotel group: Hayley (Me.), Anton, Myles and Brigham.hb

First we made build ideas then we sorted out what we needed and wanted. (Here is our wants and needs t-chart.)
Once we sorted out what we wanted and what we needed we made build groups with one expert to help us that was Anton and I was a 5, Brigham was a 3 and Myles was a 7. (The build groups were all the needs.)

We planned what to put in our hotel such as a elavater, loby, cafe/bar/restaurant and obvisely rooms.

We had to make a minecraft treaty or otherwise people would go around killing each, blow things up and use invisable potions.

When we had our season at the south library