Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 3

Week 3 Blog.

In week 3 we set goals at the south library on what we were going to do that had to connect to relating to others, my goal was to respect other peoples ideas and points of views and take them on board. (Look below for goals.)

When we were on minecraft the hotels (that I was working on.) elevator broke, and that was very stressful, so we sended a chat out saying "Can someone help fix the elevator." and over came Levi and he then broke it, then fixed it, then someone destroy it, then fixed it and then it all was fine. (I was happy when that was was over.)

After that was over we started  building the loby and the entrance and ended up completing all          of the first level, (the ground level.) except some of the furniture we still need to make.

This is my group planning what we were going to do.
This is our world.

At the end of the week three session we did a reflection padlet (we do a reflection padlet every week.) to see if we completed our goals. (Here is my reflection padlet.)

1. Yes
2. Me and Myles wanted to do different blocks for the floor.
3. Myles taught me how to keep the water in place.

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