Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 4

                                         Week 4 Blog.

In week 4 didn't start off doing a little talk about something bad that had happened to our world, some high school  kids from Riccarton had got in to our server and did alote of greifing. They poured water all over our builds, smashed down some buildings and made some random towers and blocks but Danny cleared most of the things, so that was the bummer part of the day. So after that part of the Minecraft session we didn't do padlet we just chose a goal and then got straight on to it.

(By the way my goal was to negotiate.)

When we were on Minecraft, Myles acidentiely thought the juice bar was a random tower and then demolished it, but it's alright because he's going to build it all by himself next week. Other then that we got three stories done and two elevators done after we had to destroy one of them.

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