Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 6

Week 6 Minecraft blog.

In week 6 we started off talking about what the main factor was for the day...
and that was putting little details in to make a "WOW!" factor. We also looked at a web site for ideas.

Know can you guess what happened next?...
Yep, it's the goal blog. (Look below.)

Be creative by adding the finishing touches to your 

When I was on minecraft started working on the pool area and I asked Jake M to build me a fire place next to the deck chairs. (He did a very good job.) When I was working on the juice bar I thought detail, detail, detail, and I added fruit and milk. Before I did that I let Jake finish the fire place.

So when Jake finished all of the fire I went over to the beach and fishings roller coaster and I asked to go on it and of corse they would let a babe like me have a go on it. After the ride I complemented Bobbie and her team on creating a really cool and fun roller coaster that I couldn't get out of.

When I had finished on the roller coaster I went back to the outdoor area and finally added the fruit and milk.

When I had done that I it was time to stop and go on to padlet. (Look below for padlet.)

When we finished the padlet it was time to go, but before we did their was some people who wanted to share, Bobbie shared her roller coaster, Carter shared his water slide and Lottie shared her horse barn and they were all amazing.


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